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Wacken Festival
Wacken Wall

The Wacken Wall project started in 2009 in order to give fans of the Wacken : Open : Air the chance to perpetuate themselves on the Holy Ground in Wacken. At the same time, the promoter of the W:O:A wanted to support metal newcomer bands and they decided that a part of the income of each sold brick will be donated to the Wacken Foundation to support bands and artists from the scene. With every purchase of a brick, you will automatically become a supporter of hard rock and heavy metal music and receive the “Official Wacken Foundation Supporter”-T-Shirt as a thank you.  


From 2011 until March 2015, when the Wacken Wall was still located at the wall of the Wacken Shop in the main street, the bricks were red and the personalized engravings of the fans were black. In 2015, the concept has been changed and all the existing bricks have been newly produced in order to better match the topic metal. The bricks are now black with silver writing and have been installed in a modified and of course black sea container. With this mobile solution, the possibility of placing the sea container during the year at the Edeka supermarket in Wacken has been created. During the festival the Wacken Wall can now be admired directly on the Holy Ground of the W:O:A at the Wacken Foundation Camp.


By the way, everybody who orders a brick for the Wacken Wall can also order replicas for home. Part of the sold replicas is in favor of the Wacken Foundation as well. 


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